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Translation language

  • English

  • French

  • Japanese

  • Korean

  • German

  • Chinese

Translation field

  • Electrical and electronics

    electronic communications


    computer technology


    power/nuclear power

    automatic control

  • Machinery

    mechanical engineering

    mechanical equipment

    equipment manuals


    civil engineering


  • Chemical biology

    organic/inorganic chemistry



    environmental protection

    material chemistry

    genetic engineering

Translated subject


PCT and Paris Convention invention patents, utility models, design specifications, Notice of the Patent Office, such as a notice of office and a notice of rejection, Documents to respond to notifications, such as amendments and opinions, Patent evaluation report, Documents related to invalidity, such as a invalidation request and an invalidity announcement, Contracts such as patent assignment contracts and powers of attorney, Documents related to trademark registration, Appraisal, Warning note, Documents related to litigation, such as intellectual property judgment