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Translation procedure

STEP1: Consultation and original text analysis

The translation manager analyzes and reviews the original text after consulting with the client and accepts the order.


STEP2: Send invoice and contracts

We will send you the invoice and contracts to customers via email.


STEP3: Confirm prepayment

According to the terms of the invoice, if the full payment or 50% advance payment is received, it is assumed that the customer agrees to the terms of service in the contract, and we will make preparations before the translation.


STEP4: Start of translation

Translators for language and field conduct the translation, and complete the translation within the specified time through strict internal management.


STEP5: Proofreading (first proofreading)

After the translation, translators with rich translation experience conduct the first proofreading, and the problems found in the proofreading process are determined through internal discussions.


STEP6: Submit translation and customer satisfaction survey

After completing the translation and proofreading twice, we will submit the results to customer and perform supplementation work until the customer is satisfied.


STEP7: Balance payment

If there is a balance, it should be paid at the time of delivery.


STEP8: Delete patent related documents

Unless otherwise requested by the customer, the original text and results will be automatically deleted and discarded after 6 months.