Welcome to Panwords.

About Panwords

Welcome to Panwords.

Panwords is a professional patent translation company offering comprehensive translation services related to patents, located in Tianjin, Beijing, Chengdu and Yanbian. We adhere to the principle of quality first, as long as you have the translation needs of patent business, we will serve you at any time and do our best until you are satisfied.

—— All Employees Of Panwords

The core and basis of the translation is thetranslator.

Top-notch patent experts


Translated by professionals in various fields and languages with at least 5 years of translation experience.


Proofreading and subsequent management services based on translation service standards.


Our patent attorneys can also provide guidance on the preparation of local patent applications.


Panwords continuously cultivates high-quality translators to improve global competitiveness.

The ability of translators who are in charge of your patents translation is very important. Since the level of translators may determine the success of patent prosecution, Panwords brings together professional experts with rich patent experience to provide high-quality translations.