“Patent translation, use Panwords!”
Panwords is a translation company that mainly translates patent.

Check! and entrust the patent translation to Panwords.

  • check whether it provides correction comments with patent practice experience of various countries!

  • check whether patent attorneys in technology field and the right language conduct the final review!

  • check whether the quality control and follow-up system are well established!

  • check whether the technical terminology database is well established!

  • check whether the translation cost is reasonable compared to quality!

Patent translation by patent attorney.
Have confidence in patent translation.
  • Reviewed by Attorney
    Reviewed by Attorney
    Different from ordinary translation companies, patent attorneys conduct the review.
  • Professional Localization
    Professional Localization
    Confident in Chinese and Taiwanese translation as a local translation company in China.
  • Reasonable Price
    Guarantee the same translation quality as the patent firm at a reasonable price.
  • Punctuality
    Can check the translation progress in real-time; strictly observe the delivery date.


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