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Real-time Consultation

“Patent translation, use Panwords!”

Panwords is a translation company that mainly translates

patent-related documents.

Choose translation provider carefully,

No experience in patent prosecution, NO!

No patent experts in the field of technology and language NO!

Not providing proofreading and follow-up management services, NO!

High cost, NO!

If you worried about the expensive cost quoted by Patent Law Firm,

If you worried about the translation quality of general translation companies,


Don't worry, please rest assured to entrust to Panwords, we fully confident in patent translation!

Panwords is a patent translation company that,

  • provides high-quality service at a competitive price.
  • has a patent termbase accumulated over the years.
  • conducts final review by patent attorney for each technology field.
  • provides online system to check the progress in real time.
  • Strict delivery time with thorough internal management.

Unqualified translation not only wastes time and money, but also hinders the success of your patent business. Before consulting Panwords, please do not entrust the translation elsewhere.