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High quality at a competitive price

  • Offices located in 1st and 2nd tier cities to provide competitive fees.
  • Accurate translations conducted and legally reviewed by patent attorneys and engineers.

Quick turnaround

  • We respond to inquiries and requests within 24 hours.

Professional team

  • High quality translations conducted and legally reviewed by patent attorneys and engineers who are graduates of pre-eminent national and international universities.

Full-range of technical fields

  • Biochemistry: Pharmaceutical chemistry, Protein engineering, Genetic engineering, Chemical engineering, Environmental engineering, Food Biochemistry, Biological products, Pharmaceutical preparations, Polymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Practical chemistry.
  • Mechanical & Physical: Power Engineering, Textile Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Measurement & Control Engineering, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Architectural Environment & Equipment Engineering, Material Processing, Electric Elements, Precision Instrument Fluid Machinery, Printing Machinery.
  • Electronics & Telecommunication: Telecommunications, Network Engineering, Computer Science & Technology, Electronic Circuitry, Semi-Conductors, Microelectronics-Photonics, Optical Devices, Laser Devices, Medical Devices, Software, Business Method Images, Phonetics, Information Records.
Working Languages and Translation Procedures

Working Languages

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • German
  • Chinese
    (Traditional and Simplified)
Translation Procedures

Analysis Phase

After receiving the documents from you, a special team will be created according to the technical field of the file in order to analyze it in detail together with your specific requirements.



Regular monitoring to ensure the translation by our technical expert is completed in time.



The team member who is responsible for proofreading starts proofreading. After which a panel discussion is held to guarantee translation accuracy.


Legal Review

A professional legal team member will review the final version from a patent examiner prospect.


Translation Delivery

After completing the above procedures, the translated file will be sent to you. You will need to sign the confirmation letter if you have no opinion or doubt about the translation content, you will be invited to evaluate the translation.

Our Experts
Extensive Experience with Patents


Adhere to strict internally set deadlines for all orders in order to guarantee actual deadlines are always met, and carry out a full review to ensure technical and legal accuracy of the translation.

Look outside of the scope of the instructions received to see if we might be able to head off any potential future pit-falls together, prior to the presentation of the translated patent to the local examiner.

Provide prompt clear communication to assist both our existing global IP network, and new domestic and international clients in the management of their IP in a secure, timely, accurate, and transparent manner.

Aim to build long term working relationships globally, using the international language skills and business mindset of our Patent Attorneys, Patent Engineers, and management team.


Draw upon the skills of our Patent Attorneys and Patent Engineers who have extensive experience in:

The acquisition and enforcement of IP rights in the fields of Electronics & Telecommunication, Mechanics & Materials, and the Life Sciences, from preparation through filing, to Patent grant.

Defense of the patent right to invalidation by an opponent’s patent, Patent search and analysis, both in China and in any Asian jurisdiction our clients seek the protection of their inventions.

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