Information Security

Information Security

Panwords translation has always adhered to the cultural concept of always putting the customer first, so safeguarding the interests of our clients is paramount. Data information is secured via the following methods:

Before translation:

1. On receipt of documentation, and in preparation for translation, both the Cooperation Contract and Confidentiality Agreements will require signature.

2. The first provision is also applied to test cases and to the relevant content of the customer's inquiries.

During translation:

1. Throughout the process, only the translators and reviewers responsible for the designated project have access to the documents.

2. All employees with access to client documentation are prohibited from privately copying or transmitting materials entrusted with us.

3. Without the written permission of the customer, documents shall not be passed to a third-party in any way whatsoever.

4. The separation of internal and external networks and intranet partition management safeguard against potential threats.

5. Unauthorized personnel cannot enter the information system and access customer-related information, due to strict account permission management.

After translation:

1. Shortly after receipt of the translated documents, the customer will confirm that the documents are accurate translations by means of signature. On request, Panwords       will immediately and thoroughy delete all documentation and confirm doing so by signature.

2. Non-discloser of the client’s information to other parties without client permission is assured. 

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