A word by word translation may make mistakes.

The pin is allowed to slide along the elongated hole arranged in the supporting member, when urged by the basing force applied by the spring, such that 

the moving member moves with the pin, in the case that the protruding member is retracted.

Incorrect translation:


Based on the incorrect translation, the meaning of this sentence is ambiguous and is difficult to be understood by those skilled in the art.


It is different in expression between Chinese and English. For example, the adverbial clause such as “in the case that….”, which can be arranged at the end of a 

sentence in English expression, shall be arranged at the beginning of the respective sentence in Chinese expression. In this connection, a non-professional 

translation with the same order arranged between Chinese expression and English expression often leads to an incorrect understanding of the original meaning.

As for the above incorrect translation, the technical solution defined thereby is ambiguous and thus there is a risk that such a Chinese translation may be objected 

by the Chinese examiner, which may induce an unnecessary office action and unnecessary costs.

Correct translation:


Regarding the correct translation, the orders of the adverbial clauses are properly adjusted in the Chinese translation. For example, the order of the adverbial clause 

“in the case that…” in the Chinese translation is properly re-arranged at the beginning of the sentence, which is quite different from that in the English expression, 

such that the meaning of the sentence is clear.


The correct translation clearly reflects the technical solution of the present invention.

A word by word translation may make mistakes.

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